Dream House Built in 6 weeks for just $9,000

This is the story of Steve Areen and his dream house that he built for only $9,000. It is simply amazing and we just had to share his story!

In just 6 weeks, Steve was able to create the home of his dreams.

This is what it started out like!

With a Thai friend's guidance, his son-in-law's masonry skills and a lot of work, the team made progress quickly.

In Thailand, materials are cheaper, but it's still mind blowing to know just how little this cost to make.

The extra details and furnishings of the home brought the cost up another $3,000.

Some orange paint absolutely transformed the house!

Not only does this dream home look cool, but the low-cost and quick building schedule is amazing.

If he had the chance to build the home again, Steve said that he would use compressed earth blocks.

Imagine lazing about on this swinging hammock!

Or gazing into your backyard pond, filled with beautiful lilies.

The dome is full of windows and natural light, really helping the house become one with nature.

An absolutely gorgeous and peaceful view!

Can I go here right now?

Even comes complete with steps that lead to the top of the house!

Could you imagine yourself living here? 🙂

Source: Steve Areen



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